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The Musk Ox graze in the valleys at POINT660 by the magnificent

Greenlandic Ice Cap. Unchange by time.


Imagine snow falling down from the sky in the prehistoric interglacial Ice age with mammoth and musk ox graze on the arctic tundra, Ice frozen in more than 130,000 years. This is the origin of our POINT660 Glacier Water

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Thomas Olsen MSc.

Arctic Expedition Guide 2009-2021


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POINT660 Glacier Water Catchment area

Our water catchment area include the inland ice cap, glacier and marginal moraine, the area is called Isunngua. The company licensed catchment area covers more than 6.760.000 square meters. Our tap points are located on the ice sheet and by melt water streams.

The first step of POINT660 Glacier Spirits started in 2009. Working as a Arctic Expedition Guide and P.H. in the remote fields of Kangerlussuaq I noticed the unique tast of the melt water coming from the Glaciers and Ice Sheet.


After approval by the Government of Greenland I started according to utilization resource ice and / or water covered by the permit pursuant to § 3-§ 5 analyzing the area and taking water sample for mapping out the water content.


Today Point 660 Glacier Water Company are specialists in extraction of glacial water from the Greenlandic inland Ice Cap.  Water untouched by man for more than 130.000 year until we collect it on the Greenlandic inland ice and use it for our POINT660 Gin, Vodka and Whisky. The distillery Nordisk Braenderi in Northern Jutland distill our high quality Gin, Vodka and Whisky based on our unique water.

Taste it and feel the beginning of time - Founder, Thomas Olsen

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