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The whisky

POINT660 Glacier Whiskey  is blended with 130.000 years old Ice from the Emean interglacial iceage. Glacier Water tapped from melt water streams on the magnificent Ice Sheet and carried out on packframes from the last frontier on the planet. 

Glacier water delivered by POINT660 Glacier Water ApS,


POINT660 Glacier Whisky is a high quality Whisky distilled by distillery "Nordisk Braenderi" in northern Jutland. POINT660 Glacier Whisky offer a single casket Whisky and a dobbelt caskets Whisky matured in cognac and port caskets. First batch is expected ready in year 2026. 

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POINT660 Glacier Whisky "New Make" is made with Viking Pot Still Rye malt. Produced in Finland. Delivered by Viking malt.

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