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The Rum

POINT660 Glacier Rum  is blended with 130.000 years old Ice from the Emean interglacial iceage. Glacier Water tapped from melt water streams on the magnificent Ice Sheet and carried out on packframes from the last frontier on the planet. 

Glacier water delivered by POINT660 Glacier Water ApS,


POINT660 Glacier Rum is a high quality Rum distilled by distillery "Nordisk Braenderi" in northern Jutland. POINT660 Glacier Spirit offer a dark Rum distilled with organic suger cane molasses from Paraguay, matured on ex Madeira casket made in American  Oak, finally blended with our POINT660 Glacier Water. First batch is expected ready in year 2026. 

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POINT660 Glacier Rum is made with organic suger cane molasses from Paraguay.

 Paraguay is an exemption globally whereby historically speaking sugar was by default organic. Growers couldn't afford expensive pesticides so the way they grew their sugarcane complied with organic standards. Today, Paraguay is the second largest producer of organic molasses globally. 
LA FELSINA was founded in 1928 by the Zanotti Cavazzoni family, who began producing sugar, rice and coconut oil in Guarambaré, 35 km south from Asunción. In the mid-1990s, the sugar mill took a chance on the production of organic sugar. In 1999, after three years of transition, the sugar mill started producing certified organic sugar of different qualities. During sugar production from May to December the sugar mill employs about 280 people. Additionally, 300 harvesters and 50 people who transport the sugar cane to the factory work for LA FELSINA, making the sugar mill a major employer in the region.
Certificates: Bio Suisse, EU-Bio (EG 834/2007), NOP (USA), Demeter (biodynamic), Naturland, JAS (Japan), FLO Fairtrade, Fair for life (FFL), Kosher, HACCP, BRC
Social Responsability: La Felsina supports schools in Guarambaré for education in music, dance and theatre.

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