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POINT660 Glacier Gin  made with 130.000 years old Ice from the Emean interglacial iceage. Glacier Water tapped from melt water streams on the magnificent Ice Sheet and carried out on packframes from the last frontier on the planet. A clean and fresh taste from the Arctic where you feel the "begining of time".

Glacier water delivered by POINT660 Glaclier Water ApS,


Hand-distilled gin with juniper berries and specially selected Nordic botanicals, goat rams, Greenlandic rowan berries, Greenlandic blackberries and angelica root. 40% vol

Produced by Nordisk Braenderi ApS,

POINT660 Glacier Gin is a high quality distilled gin with a soft tast of Arctic herbs. POINT660 Glacier Gin is produced by distillery "Nordisk Braenderi" in northern Jutland.

The Gin

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